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YADA Scenery

YADA Scenery is a pilot project, as part of YADA property projects,

in Bang Bo, Samut Prakarn. The project owner intends to explore

his new idea about the design and construction processes in order

to satisfy various customers’ needs. That is to say each house

model must be thoughtfully designed to provide the maximum

flexibility to customize the plan for different living preferences.

Such a concept will potentially enable this project to outstand in

the local property market.

INchan atelier is in charge to carry out the owner’s concept as well

as to translate it to meet the local customers’ perception towards to

mood and tone of “privacy with nature.” Therefore we propose that

the atmosphere of this community should look easy, yet well

organized, in order to catch the feeling of privacy, being at ease

with simple design composition. For all house models, the design

will focus on a proper degree of opening on each side - not

necessarily to show off front doors or fancy windows on the front

façade, instead the living area of each house will commonly have

big windows looking out to the side green area. However on the

front façade of all house models, a planter is set to signify the

entry, delivering green impact to the community.




Type: Commercial Village
Architect: INchan atelier
Location: Bangpakong, Thailand


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